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Our Services

Thesis Editing

Thesis Editing corrects grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, ensures formatting conformity and referencing consistency in APA, MLA and Harvard Citation Styles.

  • costs A$0.02 per word
  • turnaround from 7 to 10 days for PhD Theses or 4 to 7 days for Master's Theses

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Proofreading corrects grammar, punctuation, spelling and typographical errors and is the final check before printing, publication or submission.

  • costs A$0.01 per word
  • turnaround from 1 to 3 days for small documents.

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Book Editing

Book Editing is for authors who require their raw material transformed to improve clarity and remove all the mistakes and inconsistencies that can distract readers.

  • costs A$0.02 per word
  • turnaround about 2 weeks.

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Our Process

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Please upload your document in a Microsoft Word format (doc, docx).

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Payment is required upfront by one of the following methods:

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A Receipt is issued after payment is received.

Document Returned

Clients will receive their corrected Document in Microsoft Word with Track Changes showing.