Book Proofreading for Authors who want
final check before submission to publisher


Book Proofreading Makes Your Book Publication Ready

Book Proofreading is the final check of your book before printing, publication or submission to a publisher. Proofreading removes any small mistakes not previously found. As an experienced proofreader, I impart a fresh pair of eyes over your work and pick up the small mistakes that endless readings have missed.

Book Proofreading is for authors who are certain their book, short story, novel or play is ready to be sent to the publishers but want a final check to make doubly sure that there are no small mistakes remaining in their work.

You can increase your chances of being published by having someone else correct the typographical errors that occur when working on a document for a long time. As the saying goes "you can't see the wood for the trees"; meaning you can't see your own errors because you're too close to your work.

Why not take that all important step and get your book proofread? Your book will then be in the best possible format to send to a publisher and increase your chances of publication. Please be assured that your document remains confidential at all times and authors retain their copyright.

If you are not sure which book service you require, please see our Author Services page for more information.


How is My Book Proofread?

Book Proofreading corrects the following errors:

Book Proofreading ensures consistency in:

Editio proofreads most book types such as:

What Editio Will Not Do:


Our Process

Below is our process for uploading, paying and receiving your document. Please see our Submit Document web page for full details of our process.


Upload Book

Upload Book

Please click the button below:

Book Proofreading Form »

complete form and upload your Book in a Microsoft Word format (doc, docx).

Clients receive a Free Quotation tailored to their requirements.

Academic Editing costs $0.02 per word

$0.01 Per Word

Book Proofreading costs $0.01 per word.

The Minimum Charge is $100.00.

The word count is calculated using Microsoft Word's Word Count feature.

PayPal Payment

PayPal Payment

Please click Buy Now button below:

and you'll be taken to my PayPal payment page.

If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, please see my How to Pay With PayPal page for instructions.

All payments are required upfront. An Invoice is issued after payment is received.

Book Editing usually takes 2 Weeks to Complete

2 Weeks to Complete

Book Editing usually takes 2 Weeks to Complete after payment is received.

The turnaround for document completion depends on my current workload.

Return Corrected Document to Clients

Book Returned

Clients will receive their corrected Book in Microsoft Word with Track Changes showing:

Editio will return:

  • book marked with changes showing all corrections, inconsistencies and comments
  • book report with a summary of work completed and suggestions

Contact Academic Editor Claudia for Any Questions

Contact Claudia

If you have any questions, please contact Claudia on 0498 684 361 and speak personally with your editor and proofreader to discuss your requirements.

If your document is urgent, please contact us to find out if we are available to complete your job.


Not Sure Which Service You Require?

If you are not sure which of our Book Services you require, please see our Author Services web page for more details.