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Essay Proofreading Ensures Your Essay is Error-Free

Every University Student wants to achieve higher grades. How can students achieve this? By researching and writing a well argued essay with correct citations and consistent formatting. As a university student, working on many essays at the same time results in typing, spelling and grammatical errors, incorrect formatting and inconsistent referencing. Your lecturers and tutors don't like reading essays with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Why not get your essay professionally proofread and edited by an expert and eliminate these errors? Essay Proofreading will assist you to achieve the higher grades you desire.

Essay Proofreading ensures your essay has appropriate academic language and complies with your University's referencing style. You can send one essay for proofreading while working on another. Having someone else proofread your essay will reduce the stress associated with reading, researching and writing an essay and possibly get you higher grades. Why not have your essay proofread and edited now! What are you waiting for?

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Tasks Performed on Your Essay

Essay Proofreading corrects the following:

  • grammar errors
  • spelling errors
  • punctuation errors

Essay Proofreading ensures:

  • consistent referencing throughout your Essay in your chosen Citation Style
  • correct formatting

Please remember that I do not write essays under any circumstances for students.


Our Process

Please see our Submit Document web page for full details of our process.

Upload Essay

Upload Essay

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Academic Editing costs $0.02 per word

$0.02 per word

Essay Proofreading costs $0.02 per word.

The Minimum Charge is $30.00.

The word count is calculated using Microsoft Word's Word Count feature.

If Clients require a page or hourly rate to compare prices with our competitors, please see our Price Comparison page.

Academic Editing usually takes 1 Day to Complete

1 Day to Complete

Essay Proofreading usually takes 1 Day to Complete after payment is received.

The turnaround for document completion depends on my current workload.

PayPal Payment

PayPal Payment

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All payments are required upfront. An Invoice is issued after payment is received.

Essay Returned

Essay Returned

Clients will receive their corrected Essay in Microsoft Word with Track Changes showing:

  • deletions
  • additions
  • corrections

The Comments feature will show any suggestions and comments.

Contact Us for Any Questions

Contact Claudia

If you have any questions, please contact Claudia on 0498 684 361 and speak personally with your editor and proofreader to discuss your requirements.

If your document is urgent, please contact us to find out if we are available to complete your job.