Referral Program


Clients who recommend our services to their friends receive a 10% Referrer Commission. Your friends receive a 10% Discount.

Below are details of how this program works.

Existing Clients Get 10% Referrer Commission

Existing Clients will receive a Discount Voucher that entitles their friend to a 10% discount on orders of $100 or more.

When your friend becomes a New Client, you will receive a Discount Voucher with a 10% discount for your next order of $100 or more.

New Clients Get 10% Discount

New Clients need to do the following:

  • upload the Discount Voucher received from their friend
  • upload their own document via the Referral Program Quotation form and send to Editio

New Clients will receive a 10% Discount on orders of $100 or more.


This Discount Voucher cannot be used with the following services:

  • Historical Research Service
  • Manuscript Critique
  • Transcription of Old Documents and Handwriting

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