Thesis Editing for PhD & Masters Theses

Fast Affordable Thesis Editing to Achieve Academic Success & Graduate with a Perfect Thesis

Years of working on your thesis results in grammar, spelling and punctuation errors as well as incorrect formatting and inconsistent referencing. Poor grammar distracts from your research. Spelling errors and incorrect punctuation can change the meaning of what you are saying. Give your Thesis the best chance of getting first time approval by using the services of a professional editor and proofreader; someone who has experienced the stress and hard work in researching, writing and editing a thesis.

Are you feeling stressed because it is a week before your Thesis Submission and you are still not sure if your references are correct and consistent. Do you have teaching responsibilities that make it difficult to find the time to make those last minute corrections? Have you missed another family dinner and have no spare time for relaxation? If this sounds like you then why not let us take the load off and be your second pair of eyes and give your thesis a final edit before submission.

Editio has a Quick Turnaround for Thesis Editing of 4 - 7 days. Most thesis editing companies take 3 weeks to edit theses. Why wait so long when you can have your thesis edited in 4 - 7 days without paying any more money.

Editio offers Clients the following benefits:

   Affordable Thesis Editing Rate of $0.02 per word

    Discount of 10% (see full details)

    Free Sample Offer of 2,000 words (see full details)


Thesis Editing tasks performed

Editio performs the following tasks on your Thesis:

Correct Errors of:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • subject and verb agreement
  • tense consistency

Ensures Formatting Conformity:

  • consecutive numbering of tables and figures
  • hyphenation
  • capitalisation and spelling
  • glossaries
  • tables and illustrations
  • headers and footers
  • headings and page numbers

Ensures Referencing Consistency in the following Citation Styles:

  • AGLC
  • APA
  • Cambridge
  • Chicago
  • Harvard
  • MLA
  • Oxford
  • Turabian

Editio checks your references with the reference list or bibliography.


What Kind of Theses Do We Edit?

Editio has edited theses and other academic papers in the following areas:

  • Ancient Roman History
  • English Literature
  • computer science
  • education
  • economics
  • information systems
  • medicine
  • nursing
  • engineering
  • energy & climate change research
  • blogging
  • rise of Islamism in Turkish politics
  • Kantian philosophy
  • legal implications of New York Convention
  • customer satisfaction in restaurants
  • toxicity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
  • criminology
  • role of culture on communication networks and Job performance
  • level of acceptance of Cloud Passport
  • Human Research Ethics Application
  • management of nuchal cord
  • podiatry care practice
  • teaching math methods
  • nurse practitioners and clinical leadership
  • Passport-less traveller identification system

As you can see, I have edited a wide variety of areas and I can edit your thesis also.