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Historical Research Services Tells Your Story

Editio provides historical research services to anyone on virtually any topic. Editio provides reports, histories, biographies or any other document clients require. If you want a history of an organisation or company, or a biography written then I can assist you.

Do you have a history of your company, family member or other history that you want told? Then why not use the services of a historian to research and write that story for you. I have wide experience in researching, analysing and writing on a variety of subjects.


Our Process

Please read the following 6 step process for engaging the services of Editio for Historical Research Services. If after reading all the 6 sections you are interested in our services please complete the Historical Research Services form and include all the information requested in the section "Tell Us About Your Project". I can only conduct a consultation after I have read something about your project and ascertained if it is a project I wish to work on.


1  Tell Us About Your Project


Client should complete the Historical Research Services form on this web page and include as much information as possible.

Clients are requested to provide answers to the following questions:

Please provide Editio with all the background information you already possess including written documents or research performed by other historians.


2  Prices & Payment


A non-refundable Consultaton Fee of $50.00 for an in-depth consultation of one hour.

An Agreement Preparation Fee of $50.00 for the preparation of the Historical Research Services agreement that includes a Schedule of Payment.

Historical Research Services costs commence from $70.00 per hour, depending on the research required.

We accept payment by Direct Bank Deposit into our Business Transaction Account. An Invoice is issued after payment is received.

All payments are required upfront. We require proof of payment before any work can begin.

Please attach a copy your bank's confirmation receipt.


3  Consultation Fee


The Consultation Fee is for an in-depth consultation.

An Invoice for a non-refundable Consultaton Fee of $50.00 will be sent to Clients. This invoice, for $50.00, must be paid before the Consultation with the Client.

Editio will contact Clients after payment is received to further discuss their Research Project.

The Consultation can take up to one hour, depending on the nature of the project.


4  Agreement Preparation Fee


Clients who wish to proceed with our Historical Research Service are requested to pay for an Agreement Preparation Fee of $50.00. An invoice for this amount will be sent to Client.

The Agreement Preparation Fee is for the preparation of the Historical Research Services agreement which includes a Schedule of Payment.

This invoice, for $50.00, must be paid before the Agreement is prepared and sent out to Client.


5  Agreement Sent to Client


The Client will receive the Historical Research Services Agreement tailored to their project.

This Historical Research Services Agreement lists the nature, timeline, cost and payment details of their research.

Editio will commence work on your project once the Historical Research Services Agreement is signed and returned to Editio and the first payment is received.


6  Further Invoices & Drafts


As work progresses on the project, Editio will issue further invoices and after each payment is received, further reports or drafts will be sent to Clients, according to the schedule.

Editio will perform the following:

The above procedure will continue until the end of the project

Editio will send the Client the final report or other specified document for their perusal when the research project is complete.

Clients have 28 days to look over the document and then request any revisions. After this time Editio will sign off on the project and assume that the Client is satisfied with the work. After this time no further work will be done.



Tell Us About Your
Historical Research Project »