Substantive Editing will restructure, rewrite
and organise your document


What is Substantive Editing?

Imagine you have a document that is so disorganised, written by more than one person, with no clear direction and no intended audience, then you know you are in trouble and need someone to totally rework the document to produce a cohesive and easy to read document. The service you need is Substantive or Structural Editing.

Substantive Editing (or Structural Editing) involves the total restructure of a document to ensure the content, structure, language, style and presentation matches its purpose and audience. If the book is intended for a general audience then academic language would be inappropriate. Likewise, a book for children needs appropriate language.

Choose this service if you require some restructuring and rewriting to suit the content, audience and delivery method of your document by adding, changing and deleting material where necessary.

If you require further information on Substantive Editing tasks, please see IPED'S Substantive Editing web page at


Substantive Editing Tasks Performed on Your Document

1   Evaluate Document

Editio's first task is to evaluate the document's structure, in its entirety, by looking at the following:

What is the Intended Audience?

The language used in a document depends on the audience you want to attract. If the document is a crime novel then the audience is different to an academic paper. The Intended Audience determines not only the language used but also the organisation of the document.

What is the Publication's Purpose?

If the document is to provide information on a specific topic, then a conversational style is out of place. The answers to the above questions form the basis of Editio's Substantive Editing service.

2   Advise Changes Required

After evaluating a document, in terms of intended audience and publication's purpose, Editio establishes whether changes to the document are required in these areas:

  • content
  • structure
  • language
  • style
  • presentation

Editio advises Client what changes and if additional material is required.

Editio will rearrange, expand or abridge content to suit the structure and intended audience.

3   Restructure Document

Work on rewriting and restructuring the document can then take place. The process of Substantive Editing is a longer process than proofreading or copy editing.

Please note that any changes Editio makes to your work is necessary to fulfill its obligations for the Substantive Editing service and are not intended to offend Clients.

Editio does not take any responsibility for further changes Clients make to their documents.

Substantive Editing never applies to Theses or Academic Papers.


Our Process

Below is our process for uploading, paying and receiving your document. Please see our Submit Document web page for full details of our process.

Upload Academic Paper

Upload Document

Please click the button below:

Substantive Editing Form »

complete form and upload your Document in a Microsoft Word format (doc, docx).

Clients receive a Free Quotation tailored to their requirements.

Substantive Editing costs $0.02 per word

$0.03 Per Word

Substantive Editing costs $0.03 per word.

The Minimum Charge is $100.00.

The word count is calculated using Microsoft Word's Word Count feature.

If Clients require a page or hourly rate to compare prices with our competitors, please see our Price Comparison page.

Academic Editing usually takes 1 day to complete

3 Weeks to Complete

Substantive Editing usually takes 3 weeks to complete after payment is received.

The turnaround for document completion depends on my current workload.

If your document is urgent, please contact us to find out if we are available to complete your job.

PayPal Payment

PayPal Payment

Editio accepts payments by PayPal and Direct Bank Deposit into our Business Transaction Account.

Please click Buy Now button below:

and you'll be taken to my PayPal payment page.

If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, please see my How to Pay With PayPal page for instructions.

All payments are required upfront. An Invoice is issued after payment is received.

Return Corrected Document to Clients

Document Returned

Clients will receive their corrected Document in Microsoft Word with Track Changes showing:

  • deletions
  • additions
  • corrections

The Comments feature will show any suggestions and comments.

Clients will receive 2 documents:

  • a Microsoft Word document with Tracked Changes showing
  • a clean Microsoft Word document

Contact Academic Editor Claudia for Any Questions

Contact Claudia

If you have any questions, please contact Claudia on 0498 684 361 and speak personally with your editor and proofreader to discuss your requirements.

If your document is urgent, please contact us to find out if we are available to complete your job.