Plagiarism & Collusion


The Importance of Plagiarism & Collusion

The University of Melbourne has a web page titled Academic honesty and plagiarism which should be consulted by anyone writing theses and other academic papers.

Please note that Universities and Colleges will upload your essay or thesis, to appropriate software, to establish whether you have plagiarised.

Please check our web page, Australian Universities, for information on professional thesis editing information. This web page lists 40 of Australia's universities with highlighted links to some university's pages on professional editing of theses.

Please see the infographic titled "Plagiarism Mistakes & How to Avoid Them" with sections on "What is considered Plagiarism?" and "How to Avoid Plagiarism".


IPED Information on Thesis Editing by a Professional Editor

PhD and Masters students should consult the following web pages from IPED (Institute of Professional Editors Limited) before engaging the services of an editor.

It is important for PhD and Masters students to understand that any professional editor and proofreader is restricted to the tasks listed in Parts D and E of the Australian standards for editing practice which relates to copyediting and proofreading respectively.

Australian standards for editing practice (see

Proofreading (see

Copy Editing (see

Substantive Editing (see

Engaging a professional editor for your thesis (see

Editing research theses (see

When your student wishes to engage an editor (see


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