Business Editing Services for Perfect Documents

In business, time is money and communication is crucial

Every business wants to land that contract and get more clients. How does editing and proofreading help you achieve this? The answer is simple. Producing error free documents will project your business as professional; an image that all businesses want to aspire to. This will create a positive impression of your business and give you more credibility.

Editio understands that business has sensitive information that must remain secure at all times. Please be assured that any documents submitted will always remain confidential.

Do you want your Business Documents polished and perfect? Then why not let us take the load off your busy day and do the work for you. Your Business does not need to worry about the small details involved in editing and proofreading documents such as reports, memos and manuals.


The Benefits of Professional Business Editing


Saves Time and Money

Saves Time

Your Business saves time employing a professional editor and proofreader to edit and proofread all your business documents.

Yes, writing reports and other documents might be part of your staff's work but having to constantly read and re-read their work to fix grammar, punctuation and spelling errors takes time from other, more important aspects of their work.

Why not let us do the more mundane work of editing and proofreading?

Reduces Stress

Reduces Stress

Your Business reduces stress by employing a business professional who will shoulder the responsibility and pressure of producing error-free documents.

Editio understands the pressures of business. Editio has worked in some large Financial Services Companies and at The University of Melbourne.

Editio is experienced in a wide range of documents that business use every day and we will produce documents that highlight your company as professional and trustworthy.

Increases Productivity

Increases Productivity

Your Business increases productivity by outsourcing your document typing requirements and leaving your staff free to perform their more important duties.

We can perform many of the tasks that a Secretary, Typist or Administrative Assistant completes. Your business might not require a full-time staff member, however they might require someone to type up a letter, report or budget from time to time.

We can fulfill that role without the hassle of employing full time staff and the added responsibility of paying wages, holidays, superannuation and sick days.


How to Upload Business Document

Please check our Services page for a brief explanation of all our services. The Price charged will depend on the service selected.

Below is our process for uploading, paying and receiving your document:

Upload Business Document

Upload Business Document

Please click the button below:

Upload Business
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complete form and upload your Book in a Microsoft Word format (doc, docx).

Clients receive a Free Quotation tailored to their requirements.

The word count is calculated using Microsoft Word's Word Count feature.

PayPal Payment


If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, please see my How to Pay With PayPal page for instructions.

Please click Buy Now button below:

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Clients can also pay by Direct Bank Deposit to Editio's business transaction account.

Return Corrected Document to Clients

Business Document Returned

Business Editing is completed electronically using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature.

Clients receive their corrected Document with Track Changes showing:

  • deletions
  • additions
  • suggestions
  • corrections
  • comments

Contact Academic Editor Claudia for Any Questions


If you have any questions, please contact Claudia on 0498 684 361 and speak personally with your editor and proofreader to discuss your requirements.

If your document is urgent, please contact us to find out if we are available to complete your job.