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Brief Description of Editio's Services

Academic Editing

Academic Editing assists with proofreading and editing dissertations, scholarly books, research papers, monographs, manuscripts, conference papers and lecture notes.

Book Editing

Book Editing is for authors who require their raw material transformed to improve clarity and remove all the mistakes and inconsistencies that can distract readers.

Book Proofreading

Book Proofreading is for authors who are certain that their book, short story, novel or play is ready to be sent to the publishers but want a final check to make doubly sure that there are no small mistakes remaining.

Business Editing

Business Editing proofreads and edits reports, memos, manuals, marketing materials, press releases or other business documents.

Copy Editing

Copy Editing focuses on accuracy and consistency in language (vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation), style and layout and involves some rewording.

Document Creation

Document Creation designs forms or other documents in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel tailored to Client's needs.

Document Formatting

Document Formatting produces clearly formatted documents with consistent style, numbering, indentation and spacing.

Essay Proofreading

Essay Proofreading is for University Students who want a final check of their essay prior to submission.

Personal Documents Editing

Personal Documents Editing assists individuals with their proofreading and editing requirements of a personal and confidential nature.


Proofreading corrects grammar, punctuation, spelling and typographical errors and is the final check before printing, publication or submission. This service is not for Academic Papers or Theses.

Resume Editing

Resume Editing proofreads and edits resumes, cover letters and curriculum vitae for Job Seekers.

Substantive Editing

Substantive Editing involves some restructuring and rewriting to suit the content, audience and delivery method of your document by adding, changing and deleting material where necessary.

Thesis Editing

Thesis Editing focuses on grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, incorrect formatting and inconsistent referencing in PhD, Master's or Honour's theses.

Clients unsure whether to use our Proofreading, Copy Editing or Substantive Editing services can refer to sections C, D and E of IPED's document "Australian standards for editing practice".

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