Manuscript Critique for Authors
Who Want An Opinion of Their Work

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Manuscript Critique costs $0.01 per word
The Minimum Charge is $100
Manuscript Critique usually takes 2 weeks to complete


Manuscript Critique is for authors who want someone to read their work, whether it is a book, play or poetry, and give a fair critique in terms of characters, structure, plot, dialogue and audience. It is not advisable to ask family, friends or colleagues to critique your book. Obviously they will say "good things" about your work and this will not assist you, the author, in any way. The Manuscript Critique service is a personal opinion only. I cannot give any guarantee that your work will be published. However, if the work is structured correctly, has no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, has no inconsistences with plot and characters and reads well and is easy to understand, then your work will have a greater chance of being published.

Prior to commencing the book critique, I will discuss the work with the author to establish the genre and the intended audience of the work. I will not proofread or edit the document. The aim of this service is to provide a critique of your work.


How is My Manuscript Critiqued?

1.    How We Critique Manuscripts

I will make comments throughout the document highlighting major issues and suggestions to your book.

Comments are made using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature.

I will focus on the following:

  • Plot
  • Dialogue
  • Structure
  • Characterisation
  • Audience

It is up to authors to implement suggested changes to plot, dialogue, structure, characterisation, audience, coherency, consistency and organisation of their book.

2.   Consultation with Client

Editio will examine the manuscript and the completed form.

Editio will contact the author to discuss their work.

Please note that I give a fair critique of your work. You must be prepared to take my suggestions and not be offended.

If the Client wants to proceed with a Manuscript Critique of their work then I will send a quotation.

3.   Book Types Critiqued

Editio critiques most book types such as:

  • Non-Fiction such as Biography and Memoirs, History Self-Help, Crafts, Hobbies
  • Home, Education,Teaching & Reference
  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
  • Romance (Regency, Historical and Inspirational)
  • Christian Fiction
  • Italian language books

Our Manuscript Critique service is for authors with a high standard of English.


How It Works

1.   Send Your Manuscript

Please send your Manuscript in a Microsoft Word format (doc, docx).

Manuscript Critique costs $0.01 per word.

The Minimum Charge is $100.00.

Manuscript Critique usually takes 2 weeks to complete after payment is received.

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The turnaround for each manuscript depends on my current workload.

2.   Free Quotation

Clients receive a quotation tailored to their requirements.

We do not have automatic pricing.

3.   Payment

Editio has 2 payment methods. Please note that all payments are required upfront. An Invoice is issued after payment is received. We require proof of payment before Manuscript Critique can begin.

1.   PayPal Payment

If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, please see my How to Pay With PayPal page for instructions.

Please click Buy Now button below:

and you'll be taken to my PayPal payment page.

2.   Direct Bank Deposit

Clients can also pay by Direct Bank Deposit to Editio's business transaction account.

Please attach a copy your bank's confirmation receipt.

4.   Manuscript Returned

Clients receive two documents:

1.   Critique

A 1,000 word Critique of their work, with comments in these areas

  • Plot
  • Dialogue
  • Structure
  • Characterisation
  • Audience

2.   Manuscript

Client will receive their Manuscript containing comments, suggestions and queries with Track Changes showing.

Please note that our Manuscript Critique service does not proofread and edit your manscript; we do not correct your grammar, spelling, punctuation or reword your text.

Not Sure Which Service You Require?

If you are not sure which of our Book Services you require, please see our Author Services web page for more details.



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Manuscript Critique costs $0.01 per word
The Minimum Charge is $100
Manuscript Critique usually takes 2 weeks to complete